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Thank you for your support over the past two decades

This is Our Story

Karaoke World is an Alberta based company that proudly and consistently provides quality entertainment to Calgary and surrounding areas, as well as the world, with top quality karaoke products.  It is our mission to be the highest quality interactive entertainment provider in North America.

Dan and Marg Chabot are the owners and operators of this “family” run business that takes pride in serving our customers. Dan was formally in a show and dance band and travelled across Canada and parts of the USA for 5 years  prior to Karaoke World Ltd start-up in july of 1997.

We have been providing karaoke shows in Calgary with Dan’s/Karaoke Worlds former company Mr. Entertainment. since 1989 as well. We have branched out over the years to include other interactive activities for entertainment value such as Jukebox Trivia (a music trivia game), Dj, and Rock Band/Guitar Hero. At our peak Karaoke World faciltated in excess of 75 – 80 events per week and managing 40 to 50 quilified hosts to fit any situation that was required.

Marg holds down the fort in our retail store location at 5721 3rd Street SW.  This is where we presently have our office and warehouse space for bookings fo private events and shows, a recording studio for the aspiring entertainer, as well as a full time instructor to educate our top quality hosts!

Over the years we have provided entertainment for shows ranging from kids birthday parties in the home, community center events, school functions, fund raising events, Stampede breakfasts, weddings, and corporate parties.  The larger events that we have been fortunate to serve include:

  • The Calgary Stampede & Exhibition for 10 years!
  • Event for over 2000 people for the Alberta Government
  • Karaoke in between periods for the Calgary Flames at the Saddledome
  • Tailgate parties during the Playoffs!
  • The National Singing Championship produced by Dick Clark where we sent the winner to Nashville to compete for North America
  • Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame Singing Contest
  • A private presentation for the Bare Naked Ladies and their entourage at the Saddledome after their concert
  • Roughneck Idol in partnership with the Calgary Herald and the Saddledome
  • Staff parties for the Chorus Entertainment group

We have been featured on The Big Breakfast, Global Breakfast Show, as well as an article in the Calgary Herald Business section Dec 22, 2003, titled “Karaoke: The Fad That Won’t Die”.  As well as a feature story in Karaoke Scene Magazine, from California proclaiming us a progressive, upcoming corporation of the future!

Some of the customers we have served that you may know include:

We are presently partnered with CFXL 103.1, Fuel 90.3 and have had joint ventures with Jack FM!

Some of the customers we serve that you may know include:

NHL players – Theron Fluerry, Kelly Hrudy

Recording artists like – Bare Naked Ladies, Ray Griff, Gary Buck, Brent McAthey, Sherry Kennedy, Joelle

Radio Personalities such as- Jerry Forbes, Mike Richards, Kelly Abbott, Matt &Eric, Ross and Frazer, Pam Hunter, Troy Laboucane

Karaoke World is now ready to embark on a new direction and take on an enormous challenge which will be revealed in the upcoming months. please stay tuned!!! We will be “in touch”

Thank you for your support over the past two decades and we look forward to seeing all of you in our store and at our show locations!

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